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Women of Glad Tidings Mission: Paris 2016 conference

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Women of Glad Tidings Mission-Salford 2017 Conference

Shalom saints; It has always been an honor and privilege announcing to you, our upcoming WOMEN OF GLAD TIDINGS MISSION annual conference... our this year conference is back to Manchester as it pleases to our God... With a very thoughtful and at the same time exciting theme of (WAITING IN SILENCE).

Beloved, it's always hard to hear the voice of God in the time of tribulations and trials of life, or in our today exciting and agitating busy world. However, God wants to teach us to hear His voice in silence, in a quiet place that we need to create out of our busy time. I can't wait to hear and see what the Lord has reserved for us to learn and be transformed during this conference...!

Feel free to come with family and friends and be part of this 3 remarkable evenings of glory in God' presence...!

Stay tuned for more details still to come....!

Justine Sofini

2017 WOGTM Conference

Women of Glad Tidings Mission: Salford 2017 conference

Lady Justine Tambwe Sofini

Maman Sofini Mupa Justine

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